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Hello and Welcome to SJ Elliott Photography and thank you for your interest in my website. I thought I would launch the site with a blog talking my background. Giving some insight into my journey to the point where I am today.

I'll start off with a bit of history, based in Aberdeen, i was originally born around 30 miles North in the fishing village of Peterhead. I have however lived in Aberdeen for most of my life, my parents moving south to attend university as mature students. A route that i would eventually taken having been brought up around an academic environment. Graduating in 2005 with an degree in Geology, I stepped into the industry on my doorstep, the Oil and Gas industry. I choose this path as I have always had a keen interest in the sciences. My main line of work allows me to feed that interest in science, however I have a creative side that had been itching to get out.

This is where the photography comes into the story. I have always had an admiration for fantastic photos and images. When I was younger, i had access to various compact digital camera, and for years would be frustrated with the resulting images.


At the time i didn't really explore the reasons behind the poor quality images. Higher end cameras at the time were also expensive so the photography was placed on the back burner.

A few years later, I received my first DSLR as a gift. The camera in question was the Cannon 700D, the camera which I still use today. I started initially working with the standard modes on the camera taking snaps around the house, in the garden and plenty of images of the cat. I moved on to landscapes while I was on a family holiday in the Lake District in 2017. The results were okay, nothing spectacular, but better than the results I had produced with the compact cameras.

I found the next part in the story the most difficult, building up the courage to start sharing some of that work. You might say that it's just a photo, but a lot of work goes into setting up to composition, processing the photo and creating a result that you like. The fear of your work being slated and criticised, tends to build up some anxiety. After weeks of worrying about how they would be received, I decided to just take the plunge.

I initially turned to Instagram to release my first image to the public; spending time reading how the platform worked before publishing that first post. I was amazed with the response - that gave me the confidence boost I needed to post some more. As the popularity started rising, I started showing my work off in other places. Creating a Facebook page was my next step, this was quite daunting, given that this would be the first time friends and family would be introduced to my work. Instagram was mainly strangers when I first started the account, allowing me to save face if the images flopped. However, again to my surprise my work was well received, this led to me expanding into Twitter.

At this stage I was happy with the popularity of the images, but I still wasn't 100% happy with the produced images. This led to more research on the subject and the move into using the fully manual mode. This change, although initially frustrating, has resulted in images I am happier with. Although still not the finished article, I am moving in the right direction, producing better and better work as I progress.

Street leading to Bryggen, Bergen

This progression has led to me to the point of writing this blog today. Being happier with the images I produce, as well as the quality of some test prints, I've decided to build and launch my own website. The main intention is to showcase my work, as well as write some blogs about the locations I visit. I'll also write about any experiences which I think may be useful for other budding photographers out there. If i'm lucky, I'd like to sell a few prints along the way!

I would like to thank you again for your interest, and for taking the time to read this introduction. Hopefully you will join me on my journey as I strive for improvement in all aspects of my photography. If it all goes to plan, I hope you find using the blog posts as a useful resource for planning location visits.

My posts will have a comments section below. Feel free to say hello!